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February 3, 2014

Looking to start a website and wondering what hosting company to go with? I have been through many hassles and some major headaches with different hosting companies.
BlueHost By far my best experience so far. Fast servers, even with PHP and MYSQL, great tools for people without programming knowledge, easy to use, and good customer service. When you sign up there is some free advertising money from Google - $75 and Bing - $25, to help you start promoting your site. This site is currently hosted by Blue Host
HostGator HostGator is second on my list. They have great service, fast speed and many site building templates. I had some sites at HostGator and have not had any problem with them at all, I just moved to BlueHost to get experience with them. BlueHost and HostGator are pretty much compareable. Just persoanl preferences differ between the 2.
GoDaddy In # 3 GoDaddy has good speed and great customer service, personally I found there control panel to be a little confusing to me.
Justhost They were good with speed. However; while while I had some sites hosted there their they were hacked. I just Googled it and it looks like they were hacked again Here. Since I have some sites that deal with personal information I ended my subscription right away after finding out they were hacked. They did refund me what was left for the year.
iPage: My personal experience - the worst. Their servers were extremely slow, especially when using PHP and MYSQL. It would take 30+ seconds to load a simple php script from a MYSQL database. I ended my subscription within the hour and they didn't even refund me my money for the whole year. So I paid around $55 just to test it out.

Jordan M Matthews


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