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January 25, 2014

With all the viruses that exist and new viruses evolving daily, on 1/24/2012 Kaskpersky detected 14,223 new viruses! Anti-virus software is a must to protect your personal data from being compromised. I have used a couple different anti-virus programs in enterprise and personal use and combatted a couple differnet viruses.

Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 ranks #1. It catches viruses in real time and does not use a large amount of system resources to do protect your computer. I have not yet seen a virus get through Avira on the computers I manage, but only about 100-150 have Avira installed on them.
In the rank for #2 is Kaspersky, I have seen a couple small viruses get through Kasperky in the enterprise, but that is with more than 1000 computers and rarely happened. When it did happen as I said they were minor viruses and most likely caused from user error.
BitDefender I have used on personal computers and have had no problem with them and it doesn't use many system resources to defend against viruses.
Norton and AVG both offer great defenses against viruses in real-time. However, my experience with them, they both use a lot of system resources to perform tasks.
I have only used Nod32 on personal computers. I have viruses get through them.
While I was a network administrator for a company, I had viruses get through TrendMicro Enterprise, conficker to be exact, and that was a fun night of no sleep. Needless to say I switched to Avira immediately after I recovered the network back from conficker.

Jordan M Matthews


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