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March 15, 2014

Of course there is always Gedit(Linux), Notepad(Windows) or Textedit(Mac OS) that all are free and by default are installed on the OS of your choice. Then there is Dreamweaver, if you want to pay $400 for it. I personally have used Dreamweaver and do not think it is worth that cost.
When I first started programming I use to be skull headed and would think I was a better programmer because I would only use simple text editors. I thought that whoever used Integrated Development Environment (IDE) applications to program wasn't a true programmer. However; over the years of programming, I started using Dreamweaver and other free applications, some which are better than Dreamweaver. I realized using those applications really improved my programming skills and the speed of my programming. Some Programming IDEs will finish the command or variable you are typing. For example, there is a command called mysql_affected_rows(), if you are working in an IDE you can type mysql_ hit enter and the rest of the command is filled in and the cursor is automatically in the parenthesis. So a programming IDE can save time and be easier to use than a basic note editor.

I purchased a MacBook and needed an IDE for working efficiently on it, searching I found Aptana Studio 3. Aptana works on Linux, Mac OS and Windows, this is a nice feature, especially if you use different computers for programming like me. Depending on what I am feeling that day I will use either Linux, Mac or Windows and I can use Aptana across all these platforms and have consistency through my work. Since I have started using Aptana I have not used any other IDEs. I should uninstall them, I haven't used some of them for over a year now. You can program with almost any language using Aptana, but the languages Aptana is specifically made for are CSS, HTML, JS, Python, PHP, XML, JavaScript, Ruby, Django, ERB, JSON, SCSS and YAML. Aptana in completely free, you don't even need to supply an email address to download it.
Previously I used CodeLobster PHP Editor, before I came across Aptana. I still have it installed on my computer, but I don't think I have used it for over a year now. I Code Lobster only works on Windows OS and works with PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Code Lobster is a great application, you need to register with an email address to use it.

Jordan M Matthews


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