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Internet Explorer 9 Error 3715 Solution

Febuary 17, 2014

Do to personal matter I haven't been able to put up any new posts last week. When I finally had the time, I ran into an error trying to install Internet Explorer 9.
Have you for whatever reason wanted to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer 9? If you have, you may have experienced the "Installation Failed with Error 3715" error while trying to reinstall Internet Explorer 9? I had experienced this error on my laptop and had found a solution to it after hours of troubleshooting. A few weeks ago I had the beta version Internet Explorer 9 installed on my laptop and viewed my personal site. The format of my site wouldn't display correctly in Internet Explorer 9 beta version. I figured it was the beta version causing the incorrect display. So I decided to uninstall the beta version and and install the final release of Internet Explorer 9. I had no errors or problems during the uninstall. However, after uninstalling, I rebooted my laptop and tried to reinstall Internet Explorer 9 full version, I would continually get a "Installation Failed with Error 3715" error. I verified I had the correct installation files for my Windows version, tried installing it manually and through Windows Automatic Updates, made sure my computer was updated and met the requirements and also tried running the setup as Administrator. None of those previous solutions worked, so I searched Google for the error and a solution to it. From all the forums that have this error noted, it seems I was not alone and many other users have experienced this error. I had no problem finding many "solutions" to the problem. I tried all of them I could find, but none of them would work for me. After a couple hours of trying others' and my own solutions, I was frustrated and was ready to give up. I thought of something else to try, that no-one else had mentioned. I uninstalled Internet Explorer 8, rebooted, re-installed Internet Explorer 8, rebooted again and then tried to install Internet Explorer 9... No errors, IT WORKED! I didn't believe it at first, I had to verified it was installed and it was. I now have Internet Explorer 9 installed on my laptop.
As a test I uninstalled Internet Explorer 9 and tried to reinstall it and I got the same error. To fix some programs, you uninstall and reinstall them. It seems that in order to apply this fix to Internet Explorer 9, you need to uninstall/reinstall Internet Explorer 8 also.
So, after hours of troubleshooting, the solution that worked for me was to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer 8 also.

Comment Here if you had this error and if this solutions solved it or not for you.

Jordan M Matthews


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