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December 26, 2013

I had everything backed up from my laptop onto 2 Hard Drives. I thought I didn't need a data backup company. The chances that all 3 Hard Drives fail on the same day are rare. Well my Laptop or my Hard Drives didn't fail, but one day My apartment was broken into, everything of value was gone, including my laptop along with my 2 hard drives. Years of work and digital photos I will never see agsin. From then on I still keep backups on external hard drive, but I also backup my important data to Mozy's servers. If your computer data information is important to you, backup is essential. In enterprise offices, users are set up with their own folder on the server and I always recommend users to store their information onto that, since that would be backed up daily. I have seen too many times where user's hard drive fails and they beg and plead that there must be a way to retrieve it. I've repaired hard drives, only on rare occasions I can retrieve the data. If your data isn't backed up and you hear the famous "Tick, Tick, Tick" your data is gone. There are some companies that can possibly retrieve the data, but they cost on average $100 to diagnose and more to retrieve the data, if they can even retrieve any. Mozy is a great company that costs only $5.99 a month to feel secure with your data. They offer high encryption, so no-one would be able to hack your data. Mozy also offers a Free account with 2GB of storage. Get Mozy Today!

Jordan M Matthews


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Mozy is great, I've been using them for years now!


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