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What Does CPU mean?

A Central Processing Unit (CPU) in a computer processes all the information from applications and programs. The CPU is basically the brains of the computer, measured in Gigahertz the higher the number the faster the processing. Beware of the number of cores per CPU, the more cores per CPU the more brains the computer has. So a quad-core processor has 4 cores in it, basically meaning it has 4 CPUs in 1.

Is 2 GB Memory Enough?

Memory, also known as RAM, stores the current data for the opened applications, so the computer can have a faster response time. The more memory, means data can travel faster and be easily accessed by the CPU.

Is 1000GB Much better than 500GB?

Hard Drive (HDD) is the filing cabinet, all your applications, photos, videos and other data is stored on the Hard Drive. Hard Drives have magnetic arms that read the data off of the disks which spin. Hard Drives are made with different read/write speeds, this is measured in RPMs. Hard drives that have higher RPMs will be able to read/write data faster. The most common speeds in personal computers are 5400 and 7200 RPMs.
Solid State Drives (SSD), some computers are replacing HDDs with SSDs. SSDs have no moving parts in them, so they are quieter, read/write faster and generally stay cooler than normal a HDD. However SSDs are more expensive than Hard Disk Drives. For the basic home user the speed benefit would not be fairly noticeable and should not be a real deciding factor in purchasing a computer.

Do I need a $200 Video Card?

Video Cards have their own memory on them and sometimes the standard video card is not enough to display graphics in games or for displaying onto a computer monitor or projector.

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